How can I make Money with YouTube if I am a Minor?

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YouTube is one of the greats in the video platform industry, with thousands of users creating and consuming content every day. On this site everyone can make money with just good content and through to smm panel, so today you will learn how to make money with YouTube if I am a minor?

Don’t let them fool you, many people live with the myth that you need to be of legal age to have a monetized channel and start generating income and making money on YouTube and this is not entirely true. Many users have started being minors and today they are reaping the fruits of their work with a lot of popularity and views.

Requirements to Earn Money on YouTube

The first thing to keep in mind if you want to completely get out of the doubt about how you can earn money with YouTube if I am a minor? It is that you do not have to change any of the real data of your account, or in the event that you are going to create one from scratch, you don’t have to lie.

You can use your real name and age (the minimum age is 14). To start earning money, you only have to meet the requirements that YouTube asks for, which are:

That all the content you upload is your own, this is the most important rule of all. Everything you upload to YouTube must be yours and the product of your work.

 You must also have a minimum of uploaded videos. Since YouTube will evaluate the hours seen in all your videos and the number of subscribers you have and you also try must to go to buy youtube watch time from any trusted website.

And last but not least, you must not have any infraction or strike (complaints). These, in case you don’t know, originate when you upload copyrighted content or when you violate YouTube’s rules (in comments, own videos, among others).

To see if you have everything in order, go to the section called “Channel“, here there will be a section where the option “Monetization” appears in addition to your account data. If everything is in order you can press “Enable” on monetization.

Make Money with YouTube if I am a Minor

This is where the fun and complicated part comes in. What you read above is what anyone who wants to make money with YouTube, including minors, must comply and do, but the process for these is different.

Since you have to create an account in Google AdSense, because this is where YouTube sends the money. To create this account if you must be older.

To solve this and finally answer the question, how can I make money with YouTube if I’m a minor? You just have to tell your parents to create the account for you.

In other words, the Google account does not necessarily have to be the same name as the channel user, since this is only to send the money collected and its subsequent withdrawal.

So now you know, just ask someone of legal age you trust to create an account in Google Adsense. And then associate it with your channel (it would be nice if this same person supervised the channel as well).

And voila, with that the question is cleared about how to make money with YouTube if I am a minor? Go and start creating the best content you can, so that you can be famous and earn money.

Finally, you should look for how to put more ads on my YouTube videos? Since this way you will increase your earnings if you will buy youtube likes, subscribers and watch time etc.

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