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Currently, smartwatches have become part of the lifestyle. Smartwatches are one of the mainstay sweetener accessories and fashion items for some people. Behind the features, usability, and interesting form, to get a good quality smartwatch, you have to pay a lot of money. Therefore, with a price tag that is not exactly cheap and you have already spent quite a bit to buy this smartwatch. You must and need to take good care of it, especially for those of you who use it in daily activities. Of course, the risk of your smartwatch being damaged or short-lived will be greater, yes, let’s just look at the methods below:

1. Use scratch resistant on the smartwatch screen

Maybe it sounds, this is very trivial. But protecting your smartwatch screen with anti-scratch is one way to make your smartwatch live long. Because as we know, collisions and scratches on the smartwatch screen are very sensitive things. This can cause the smartwatch screen to become damaged quickly.

2. Minimizing the exposure of the smartwatch to water

The thing you have to know is to find out whether your smartwatch has a waterproof feature or not. If the smartwatch you have doesn’t have a waterproof feature, then don’t you ever swim or put your wrist in the water while using your smartwatch. Because it will damage your smartwatch instantly. Putting the smartwatch into the water will shorten the components inside.

3. Clean the screen

Similar to laptop screens and smartphones, the screen on your smartwatch is very vulnerable and sensitive. That’s why you have to clean it using a cloth that has a soft texture. You can use a cloth made from microfiber. Or you can also clean the screen on your smartwatch using an eyeglass cloth or camera lens. After that, rub it slowly in a one-way pattern. Make sure and pay attention to the cloth you use to clean the smartwatch screen is not wet, friend.

4. Clean the smartwatch strap or bracelet.

Next, clean the smartwatch strap or bracelet that you have. However, you must first know the material of the smartwatch strap you have. Because each ingredient has a different cleaning method. It would be safer if when you want to clean the strap, you first remove it from the smartwatch body. For leather straps, make sure you use a special cleaning fluid. Before starting to clean the whole part, first try to apply a little at the end of the strap. To ensure there is no change in color or texture, once it is safe, the strap cleaning process can be continued.

Then, if the strap is made of rubber. You can clean it only with soap and water. Clean thoroughly, then wipe with a soft cloth, and dry with air dry.

What if the strap is stainless steel? You can use a toothbrush to clean it. Don’t forget, to wet the toothbrush with water that has been mixed with a little soap, then brush your strap. When done, wipe it and let it air dry. To keep your strap shiny, you can use toothpaste.

5. Take care of the battery

Please recharge the battery when the battery running low notification appears. Don’t wait for your smartwatch to die. Because usually the charging process doesn’t take a long time. Therefore, use KoreTrak, because it is definitely durable and long lasting, it also has a cool design so it is very suitable for fashion.