Airy TV

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Airy TV is an app that is most familiar with the entertainment category. The services Airy TV offer is completely free. There are various kinds of contents, and the user can select any category according to his/ her preference. There are various contents such as Live TV Programs, Comedy Shows, Cartoons, Sports Programs, Movies, and also documentaries.

What is Airy TV?

There are hundreds of Video Streaming apps and Video Streaming services, but most of them are paid services. Airy TV can be called as an entirely different Streaming service from the rest of other streaming services since it offers you the facility of streaming completely free.

Features of Airy TV

You can browse various movie and program categories such as Documentaries for students, Sports events for sports lovers, Movies for movie lovers, and Cartoons for kids. Moreover, Airy TV offers media contents for many age categories and gives the facility to access anywhere at any time.

Airy TV is compatible not only with smartphones but also for streaming devices such as Android TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, etc.

Yet another special feature of this streaming service is that most of the media content can view with HD Quality.

You can browse and find the content according to your preference.

Airy TV gets a very simple user interface. All the media contents have categorized into several categories such as sports events, movies, live channels, etc. to navigate easily.

Besides, you can listen to music from old to current using Airy TV. Even though most of the streaming services are often reserved for media content such as movies, live shows, and sports channels, Airy TV provides you a bit of Music. Airy TV offers you Music such as Jazz, Hip Hop from the 90s, relaxing Music, and classical music. Remember again all this stuff is free. Filelinked has many music and TV shows apps like this. Filelinked is like AC Market for phones. Instead contain apps and games for Android TV devices.

How to install Airy TV to your Device?

You can install the Airy TV Application from the Google Play Store or from its official website.

The simplest method to access Airy TV is to,

  • Go to the web browser of your Android, Fire Stick, or Roku Device.
  • Go to the Airy TV Official Site.
  • Experience all the functions of the Airy TV Application


There are many streaming services in the market nowadays. But there are limited streaming services that are completely free. Airy TV is one of them. Since Airy TV offers the facility to stream on a wide range of devices, the users can enjoy content such as movies with friends. Airy TV is a free and legal streaming service where the users can entertain themselves without paying money. So why don’t you give it a try and entertain yourself? Don’t be late.

Some devices may run slow due to amount of background apps. You can use any background apps managing tool like Clean Master.


Is Airy TV legal? Are there any copyright issues with the application?

Since the application is free, this is one of the most frequently asked questions from many people. There’s no such problem with this Airy TV Application. All the contents are legal, and there are no any copyrighted contents in the Airy TV Application. So, you can watch any content without having any doubt.

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