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Want to buy air conditioning for one of the rooms in your house? Already know what kind of AC you want to use? Two types of air conditioners should be considered for those of you who will buy air conditioners to cool your home. The two types are AC Standing Floor and Portable AC.

At first glance, there are indeed many who think that the two types of AC are similar or the same AC. Maybe seen from how to put it or from the shape that is both on the floor. However, this is wrong because the AC Standing Floor and Portable AC are two different types of air conditioners.

Here it is the difference between AC Standing Floor and Portable AC

In terms of function

AC Standing Floor has a wider range of cooling the room when compared to Portable AC. In terms of capacity AC, Standing Floor has a larger number so that it can still be optimal if used in a fairly large room. In contrast to Portable AC which can only cool a small room because the capacity of Portable AC is indeed smaller.

In terms of size

From the name alone it must be predictable, where Portable AC has a smaller size and is practical when compared to AC Standing Floor. AC Standing Floor itself even though how to put it on the floor, but has a fairly large shape.

Although it can be moved it needs several people to lift this AC Standing Floor because its size is arguably quite large and heavy. On the other hand, Portable AC is very easy to move from room to room, because of its smaller size and practicality.

At present, there are many variants of portable ac that are sold on the market, one of them is blaux portable ac. The small size and practical make portable blaux ac can be moved and carried everywhere easily.

Unit on AC

Air conditioners usually have indoor and outdoor units whose job is to regulate air circulation. Indoor unit to cool the room and outdoor unit to remove the hot air out of the room.

The portable air conditioner itself must use a water reservoir that functions to collect condensation water and to dispose of hot air, Portable AC requires a drain hose that can be connected to the back of the air conditioner.

Now you know the difference between AC Standing Floor and Portable AC? Approximately which type of air conditioner and what kind of air that suits your needs? If you want to buy air conditioners as needed and are still confused about finding portable air conditioners at affordable prices, you can try buying portable blaux ac.