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5 Top zee Tamil tv serials you must watch and why

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Watching your favourite shows online has never been easy. With the advancement of the internet, your favourite shows are just a click away! However, the world of the internet is populated with websites that lure people by providing them with free content. Then these websites steal your identity and may also lead to data theft. These problems are common these days, and numerous people experience the problems daily. Therefore, it is crucial that you watch your favourite shows on a trusted platform. These platforms will keep your data and identity safe and secure.

Finding such a platform is not easy! There are hundreds of OTT platforms that provide users with the content that they want to watch on the internet. However, it is up to you to decide which platform you want to choose. Each platform has something lucrative to offer, and people often get trapped in these lucrative deals. They end up spending money without getting the desired output. Thus, the question that arises is which platform to trust? Well, we have a perfect solution for you! The answer to the question is YuppTv.

YuppTv is the biggest OTT platform providing South Asian content in 13 different languages. It has more than 250+ channels to offer, with 100+ Tv shows telecasted live. It also allows its user to watch their favourite shows live. If you miss the live show, with the help of Catch Up Tv you can record these shows and watch them later as many times as you want.

The platform also has a collection of 5000+ movies, and if you want to watch the latest blockbuster, you can use the option of the movies on demand and order your favourite latest movie by paying a minimum rental fee. The platform is trusted by 13 million users, and the application has a 4.0 user rating.

Recently, YuppTv has joined hands with Zee. Zee is one of the biggest groups of Indian content providers in India. It has more than 50 channels providing multilingual content to its users. Some of the most viewed channels of the Zee group are:

  • Zee Cinema
  • Zee Cinemalu
  • Zee Bangla
  • Zee Marathi
  • Zee Telugu Tv live 
  • Zee Tv Hindi Online 
  • Zee Tamil Tv Live 
  • zee business live tv 
  • &Tv and many more.

Here we have a list of 5 Top zee Tamil tv serials that you must and why?

The biggest reason to watch these serials is that they are interesting. You will feel connected to the storyline, language and your motherland. The other big reason is the fabulous star cast and an interesting storyline that will keep you transfixed to your television sets. Let’s have a look at the 5 top Zee Tamil Tv Serials to watch online and that you can add to your watch list:

  1. Sathya: The story is of an inspiring tomboy girl. She is independent and loves adventure. She loves to live her life on her terms. However, life is not always the same. The same is the case with her. She ends up marrying Prabhu, who has an entirely different personality. She is confused and feels trapped in her new relationship. However, soon she realises the efforts of Prabhu, and their love story goes to new heights. You will love to watch the chemistry between them! The story is well balanced and supports women empowerment.
  2. Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: Life is tough when you are old and unmarried. People see you differently and develop a judgmental overview of you. However, these people are more judgemental when a middle-aged man falls in love with a girl half his age. The story is of a middle-aged man, unmarried, who falls in love with a girl working in his office. The girl also develops a bond with the man, and soon they start to have a relationship that the world is not ready to accept.
  3. Sembaruthi: If you love Disney movies, you will love the show! The show revolves around a financially weak girl. However, she has big dreams and a will to fulfil them. She is hired as a maid by a rich household and unwantedly falls in love with the son of the owner of the house. Things start to turn, and she finds herself stuck in the situation. Do you want to know if she can achieve the love she desires? Well for that you have to watch the show.
  4. Poove Poochudava: What is love without complications? The story is of Shiva and Shakthi. They meet during a road accident and develop hatred for each other. However, when two souls are destined to meet, there is nothing that can stop them. Soon they both find themselves to be meeting in several instances and with time develop an unbreakable bond.
  5. Yaaradi Nee Mohini: What will happen if you are visited by the dead? It is scary! right? However, the story of the serial is scary and also filled with humour. The screenplay revolves around Mutharasan, his father Thanikachalam, stepmother Neelambari, Venilla the cousin and Swetha(Neelambri’s niece) and the dead mother Mutharasan.