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TAIT TM8105 Mobile Data Radio 136-174 MHz


Tait T800-II Repeater Base Station Radio Communication Receiver Exciter Amp


Tait TBA40K4-PA00 TBA4K4 TBA1PA0 Base Station Conventional Reciter 762-870 MHz


TAIT TM8200 Radio TMAH7D 450-520M Hz


170X Rubber Grommet Firewall Hole Plug Set Electrical Wire Gasket Assortment Kit


Tait TP9400 700/800 Portable P25 Phase 1 Conventional Trunking AES DES




Tait TB9100 UHF Base Station 380-520 Mhz 50 Watts P25 ACDC Repeater


Tait TM9400/TM9455 P25 PHASE 2 TDMA 700/800Mhz 35 W 1000 Ch DES AES Encyrption


TAIT T2000ii 4CH conventional mobile two way radio T2030 UHF 450-520 12.5khz


TAIT TM8200 Mobile Radio UHF TMAB24-L301 896-941 MHz w/ Mic TMAA02-01


Tait Electronics Repeater 50W VHF Base Station BC2ND T800-22-0000


Tait T2000ii T2035 UHF 450-520 MHz Trunking mobile two way radio


TAIT T801 Rubidium Freq Reference module for Simulcast Repeaters +10MHz standard


(4) TAIT ORCA 5011 VHF 16 channel TOP-B2430 136-174 THEY LOOK BRAND NEW A43


TAIT TP9400 TP9435-K5 700/800 VHF APX PHASE II P25 Radio Speaker Mic T03-00045


TAIT TBA40H4-PA00 Base Station TB9100 Reciter 3 C4FM 380-420MHz TBA4H4


TAIT TBA40K4-PA00 Base Station Conventional Reciter TBA4K4 TBA1PA0 762-869MHz


Tait TBA90K2-0000 TBA9K2 760-870MHz 10-100W Power Amplifier TB8100 Base Station


TAIT TP9400 TP9435-K5 700/800 APX PHASE II P25 Radio's w/charger TDMA LTE RSSI


**Tait Electronics T800-21 Base Station/Repeater | T881-20, T800-15, and T807-10


Tait TBA50H2-PAC2 Base Station Reciter Receive Only 440-480MHz TBA5H2 TBA1PA0


TAIT TBA40H3-0B00 Base Station Conventional Reciter Exciter 470-520 MHz TBAH0


Tait TM8105 762-870 MHz Mobile Data Control Radio Head w/ Bracket Mount


Tait 2010 Two Way Radio T2000 Series with Mic -- T2010-313-000 / 136-174MHz


Tait TM9400 P25 PHASE 2 TDMA 700/800Mhz 35 W 1000 Ch DES AES Encyrption


Tait Rack Module 4 Receivers T355-52 / 2 Speakers T358-02 Base Station


Tait T2015 Two Way Radio Series T2000 -- T2015-513-J00 @Z69


TAIT TBA90K2-0000 TB8100/9100 Power Amplifier 762-870MHz 100W TBA9K2 C60


Tait UHF Radio Repeater Exiciter Board T857-25 #SS